Thursday, 17 August 2017

Harriet Marsden - Bile Spouting Misandrist Of The Independent

One of the most amusing journalists of the modern day has to be Harriet Marsden, of the Independent newspaper. Reading a few of her anti-male rants recently has made me laugh so much. Genuinely.

What Ms Marsden fails to grasp, like so many misandrists, is that men are not swines and women are not angels.

And neither are men brought up in a vacuum.

I well remember my dear mother trying to squash all the "gentle" feelings out of me because men have to be strong, men must not show their feelings,etc.

Don't like the colour pink. It's not for you.

And my dear cousin Sue, sitting on a bus with me in the late 1990s, with her two tiny tot sons proudly brandishing toy guns.

"I like my boys to BE boys," said Sue, when I questioned her.

"And boys carry guns, do they?" I asked.

"Oh shut up, you're talking like a queer," said Sue.

And all these questionable statistics and male crimes Ms Mardsen quotes (anybody for the Fawcett Society?). Well, men really are not created in a vaccuum.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world...

What Ms Marsden fails to see is the injustices against men (try being an estranged father. Try fathoming out why women can clobber men, but not vice-versa, etc, etc,etc).

In the old days man was the hunter and woman was the home maker.

And women were often placed on pedestals. Women and children first! Give up your seat to a woman. Hold the door open. Pay for the meal. Go out and slog. It was felt right that they shouldn't be subjected to the hurly burly of the nasty outside world. And, of course, most men were working class and did physically tiring jobs. Even today over 90% of workplace deaths are male. In our age of "equality" women are still not applying in any numbers for the really dangerous, gruelling jobs which do not attract praise.

Unfortunately, Ms Marsden is the worst of both the new and old worlds - a spoilt young woman who believes she is, as we used to say back in the 1970s, "it".

She believes in a form of apartheid - in which white, straight men are not allowed to speak their feelings - well, not without her writing a lot about the sins of men - and how most of that is down to straight, white men. In her view. As if individuals can take responsiblity for the actions of other individuals. Well, if that's so, Ms Marsden, I have a very long list to take you to task over - on behalf of the whole of your gender, living or dead, of course. Write for details.

I'll publish the results.

Her identification with her sainted, persecuted gender (fictional) and rejection of the expression of problems faced by others outside of that gender is actually rather warlike. Your gender. My gender. My gender good. Your gender bad. My camp. Your camp. Me good. You bad. NO, I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU!!! That is how she comes across.

And of course men should not speak about their problems, anyway, should they?

Harriet Marsden is actually a bigot. What she is saying is actually no different to what some people were saying about other groupings of human beings fifty years ago.

They're all the same! Treat them with contempt!

Only then it wasn't white straight men who were being subjected to this bile.

But bigots like Harriet Marsden exist in every generation. The thing is, they simply move their targets so as to fit in with their own particular hatred-fuelled group.

The only safe group to vent such poison on now is white, straight men.

Despite the rising number of male suicides. Despite the experience and writings of non-bigots, like Erin Pizzey, the likes of Ms. Marsden go on.

Ms Marsden is, to put it simply, a poisonous big head. Her ego must be the size of a mansion to believe she is part of a sainted gender and her I.Q. must be pretty low not to perceive that gender realities are highly complex and that many men are what they are because of the expectations of their womenfolk.

But at least Ms. Marsden amuses. She is far too funny to offend. There is something so naive about her anger, so ridiculous about her ranting, so obivious about her bigotry that I think she would make a first-rate sitcom character.

An Alf Garnett for the 21st Century?

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Meet Sue Fish Of Nottinghamshire Police - Leading Misandrist

It's the 21st Century. Male suicide rates spiral; despite "equality" the majority of dangerous jobs are still done by men (they account for over 90% of workplace deaths), as are the hard  physical labour styles of job, and Ms Sue Fish of Nottinghamshire Police decides that men need to be under the kosh even more.

The world has gone mad.

Actually, it's been mad for a very long time.

But it's getting worse.

Remember Erin Pizzey's experiences of setting up the first women's refuge in England, discovering that women were just as violent as men, and campaigning for equivalent male refuges? And remember the terrible and brutal way feminists dealt with her to close down her claim and basically terrify her out of her wits? Read her amazing story here and  here and simply Google her name for more details.

Erin Pizzey recalls how her movement to establish refuges for women and men was hijacked by militant misandrist feminists in the mid-1970s. Suddenly, domestic violence was something only men do to women. In fact, as the decades rolled on, we learned all sorts of nonsensical statistics from organisations like the Fawcett Society.

Maleness was suddenly "toxic" and we were living in a "patriarchy". Hmmm...

Women's centres preach a mantra of misandry. I have a friend who worked in one but left because the staff could not or would not see that some of the women had problems with violent behaviour themselves. The mantra was always: "Men bad, women good. No men allowed here."

Nottinghamshire Police last year decided to be guided by one of those women's centres, headed by Melanie Jeffs, a radical feminist lesbian who has spat out a large amount of twisted and ugly bile about the male gender in her time - all based on the usual dubious statistics (we're sure Melanie won't mind us revealing her background - it explains a lot - and she's utterly uncompromising in dissing blokes). On the back of this, Ms Fish of Nottinghamshire Poilice has now branded "misogyny" a "hate crime".

Basically,this means that if you're a woman and you decide you don't like something about a bloke's attitude towards you, no matter how trivial, you can try and land him in it with the local bizzies.

Not that most women would consider such a thing of course, and chances of success would depend  somewhat on honesty, but it's still an odd and worrying move as there's no accompanying move to make misandry a similar offence. Now, I know the majority of men and women want to live their lives peacefully and many actually enjoy banter with each other and even quite sharp exchanges. But, for sensitive flowers of either gender, likely to be offended, terrified, or scared to go to the shop after six pm because somebody might wolf whistle at them, or shout "Hello, short dick!" or some such, then equal recourse to the law should be encouraged if recourse to the law for such trivia is to be encouraged at all.

And why on earth are local police forces allowed to create new offences? Gender transgressions are already covered under existing law.

In my fifty-two years, I have endured a naked female middle aged babysitter dancing circles around me singing "I I I I  like you very much!" when I was seven in the 1970s, being groped by two fat elderly women who were sitting beside a pub ciggie machine I was using in the 1990s, and being regularly abused by a very large female colleague on night shifts at a local hospital in the early twenty-first century. She liked to dig and squeeze. It hurt. But I didn't complain because I was working via a nursing agency and did not want to create a fuss - and also, being male, who would take me seriously?

I didn't like any of those experiences, but it certainly does not make me think that ALL women are the same.

However, I do believe that Sue Fish is a wicked and misguided individual who is far too busy fawning over her own gender to make a good police officer. Impartiality should be all - not self indulgence. And the fact she's won an award for it? Well, it just goes to show how out of touch the elite are with the everyday folks here down on planet slog.

And now some brown-nosing gent in Yorkshire plans to follow Ms Fish's lead?

Oh dear.

Spare us from misandrists and manginas, please!