Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Support Misandry At Oxfam

We thought that Oxfam was hiding its light under a bushel when we saw the shop sign in the picture above. So, we added another of their most keenly pursued activities and expanded on the final one to give a more truthful sign below it. All according to their own male-hating ethos, of course. Don't be so bashful, Oxfam! Come out, reveal yourself for what you are. Hiding in the shadows of cooked-up statistics and blatant lies really doesn't become you. Your agenda becomes plain as soon as anybody with two brain cells gives it a cursory glance.



Men = PIGS



Girls = LOVELY


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Monday, 21 March 2016

Oxfam Joins The Feminazi Misandrists

You have a penis? You're a starving baby boy? A poor old man who has worked hard all his life and now has nothing to eat? Well tough! Oxfam has made women their priority - based on man-hating propaganda. 

Oh dear! First Cancer Research, now Oxfam! Dear old Oxfam has diverted its attention from famine relief to shoring up the gender pay gap myth and ensuring that men are presented as baddies. As always.

Basing press releases like the one below on research from the feminist (some might say feminazi - a word coined in 1989)  Fawcett Society is surely a bit one-eyed.

Oh dear.

Let's quote the press release:

Fee Gilfeather, Head of Marketing for Oxfam Trading, said: "This one-off, four-day sale will offer customers to Oxfam's Online Shop a discount of 13.9% - the same as the average gender pay gap in the UK. It is important to get the message across that women in Britain and around the world still earn less than men and highlight the inequality that women face. We're launching this quirky sale to raise awareness and get people talking about this inequality."

But it's untrue. and Oxfam is also apparently combating violence against "women and girls". Despite the fact that domestic violence incidents are about equally divided between the genders, and the difficulties men face in being taken seriously when they do speak up. Men and boys? Oxfam says GET STUFFED!

Oxfam has been hijacked.

The trouble is, that so many organisations - including governments - have been hijacked in the same way. Male politicians, out of old fashioned chivalry, simple brainlessness, or severe mother complexes, seem content to echo the voices of the feminazi. And that's all they do. There's no attempt to think, question or reason. Many statistics right up to the UN are as questionable as those provided by the Fawcett Society. The politicians' attitude is all very well for them as well-heeled vote-seekers, but not so easy when you're a poor male down here on the ground, looking for representation.

There are many articles online about the Gender Pay Gap Myth - take a look at this -

Or this from the Washington Examiner -

Or this from Time -

You read it in the paper or saw it on TV - so it must be true? Did those days ever exist? Least of all now. Some interesting thoughts on male feminists and modern journalism -

What about this little gem of Oxfam rampant anti-male sexism?

Women are at the heart of everything we do – because we know they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to feed their families [Andy's note: I know from personal experience that this is an outrageous generalisation]. With your help, even more of the world’s super women will get the simple solutions they need to change the future.

How does Oxfam know that women will go to extraordinary lengths to feed their families? Why only women? There are examples very close to me in which women have been very feckless when it comes to caring for their families. But, in the misandrist Oxfam mindset, it's men who obviously don't give a damn, of course, although Sabina Saru, the woman featured in this appeal, actually says "WE" twice, implying the presence of an equally concerned male parent:

"We have no means of growing food. We have to think of our child's future."

So, Oxfam are putting their own male-hating spin on the situation.

Avoid Oxfam. The misandrist cancer is spreading... There are other ways of donating - without promoting bigotry.

Back to our original subject, and if anybody can quote examples of individual women doing full time work and getting paid less than a man for doing the very same thing within the same organisation, please provide irrefutable evidence. I'll publish. And where are all the articles screaming "FOUL!" at these organisations - naming and shaming?

I'd be fascinated to see them. Much better than cooked-up statistics, surely?

Do read this about the Fawcett Society -

And off to the UK Parliament - where misandrist Birmingham MP Jess Phillips thinks the idea of discussing men's issues - health service underfunding for the gender, suicide rate, etc - is funny -

Link to the full Oxfam press release -